Unboxing: Fae Crate (March)

Unboxing: Fae Crate (March)

Company: Fae Crate

Theme: Bewitched


The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw + postcard and signed bookplate

Sightwitch candle from Spidey Scents

Angela the Herbalist ‘Craft your own Brew’ by Albion Tea Co

Swan Sisters tea strainer

Alba’s Forgetful Cakes mug cake mix

Manon mug by Verge of Wisteria

Marvelous Land of Oz Map

Sanderson Sisters magnetic bookmark by Coolyeti Creations

Bellatrix Lestrange post card from Chioink

Free ebook download of Scythe of Darkness by Dawn Husted

So many book box subscription services had a sea theme for March that I deliberately avoided ordering them, assuming that the book would be either To Kill a Kingdom or The Wicked Deep, the first of which I had loved and read an ARC of and the second I was a little on the fence about (and had an odd feeling that it would be the pick for Fae Crate) until I actually had the book in my hand. I was beginning to regret that I didn’t have a hardback copy of The Wicked Deep when the box arrived, so I was pleased to see it was the choice for this month. I look forward to reading it once I get a couple more ARCs finished and reviewed.

For my favourite item in the box, I can’t decide between the candle and the mug. It’s lovely to see a decent sized candle in a subscription box and it both smells and looks beautiful. This isn’t to say that I don’t like seeing smaller candles in other boxes, but that I tend to end up less inclined to burn them in-case they get used up too quickly. As for the mug, Manon swiftly became one of my favourite characters from the Throne of Glass series and it’s nice to see more merchandise dedicated to her appearing. I love the dragon design!

I am exercising great restraint and not experimenting with the ‘craft your own brew’ until summer hits us (if it ever does…) and I can enjoy making brightly coloured iced drinks with the ingredients. It’s a good twist on a standard tea! What restraint I’m employing there may well mean that the mug cake mix is gone by this evening, as I have zero control when it comes to making mug cakes. I’ve mentioned this about another subscription box, but it’s great that everything you need for helping make the tea (the swan tea strainer) and the cake mix (mug) are included in the box. Yes, I’m sure most people have mugs to hand, but I like to get use out of the items in subscription boxes and will be making the cake mix in the Manon mug. <3

I’ve already used the Land of Oz map in a Bookstagram photo (yet to be posted)! I’m a huge fan of the Wicked musical and the ‘Wicked Years’ series by Gregory Maguire. Out of Oz is one of my favourite books: “I may not know how to fly, but I know how to read, and that’s almost the same thing.” 

Unfortunately, the magnetic bookmark and postcard aren’t my kind of thing, as I’m not a fan of either source material, but they are both excellent pieces of artwork. I’m sure I can find homes for them with friends who will appreciate them more than me, so that’s a positive too.

I love that a second book is included in e-book form. Bookish goods are wonderful, but an extra book is a real bonus.

Though I really loved Fae Crate’s March box, I’m afraid that I probably won’t be ordering another box unless I’m really interested in the theme of the month. The price of the box plus shipping to the UK prices it a bit far above some other subscription boxes from the US, and while I’m sure it’s a necessity owing to the size of the box being bigger, it means I end up paying almost as much for shipping as for the box itself. I really wish I could justify maintaining a subscription, as their future themes and item reveals look brilliant. If you’re in the US, I highly recommend checking out Fae Crate!

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