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Unboxing: Bookworm Candles & Crafts Bookish Box (March)

Unboxing: Bookworm Candles & Crafts Bookish Box (March)

Company: Bookworm Candles

Theme: Folklore Dreams


Everapple 7oz candle jar, based on events in The Cruel Prince

The Shire 4oz double wick candle tin based on Lord of the Rings

Goblin King 2oz candle tin inspired by Wintersong

Trollus 2oz candle tin inspired by The Malediction trilogy

A Throne of Glass inspired pouch

The Language of Thorns bookmark by At Home Amongst the Clouds

Faerie Wine lip balm from LitBalms

A Lord of the Rings print

A Cardan print

A folklore dreams badge

A compact mirror featuring Ignatius from the Summoner trilogy

I absolutely loved this box. I have a lot of candles from Bookworm Candles, primarily because their candles can be trusted to consistently cast scent through a room when they’re burning, and while I have candles from other companies that are very pretty, I’ve yet to find some that are both aesthetically pleasing and burn as efficiently and effectively as these. The colours and scents of the candles, and the decoration and the jar/tin designs of Bookworm Candles are beautiful and I’m sure I’ll continue to be a customer for a long time.

I really enjoyed The Cruel Prince and it was brilliant to items in this box themed on the novel. The Everapple candle smells sweet, but not cloyingly so, and I can’t wait to burn it (once I’ve used it in some Bookstagram shots!). The choice of quotation for the lid is great and an apt one for the novel as a whole, let alone the incident the candle alludes to.

Pictured on the right are the The Shire (green), Goblin king (yellow) and Trollus (blue/green) candles. I think my favourite is The Shire for its fresher notes, but the other two have great scents too – slightly sweeter – and are just my kind of thing. I’m not particularly fond of candles with heavy perfumes and they walk a nice line between floral and syrupy.

More Manon merchandise seems to be appearing in various book-related subscription boxes of late (yay!) and I was thrilled to find a pouch with a quotation about The Thirteen on it. I use a lot of fabric pouches for jewellery and nail varnish, etc, when on the move and find them infinitely useful.

The Language of Thorns remains one of my favourite reads after many months and many books. The design on the bookmark is beautiful and it’ll be finding a home in one of my copies of the book. Other paper goods in the box included two prints, one Lord of the Rings themed and another of an anime inspired illustration of Cardan. They’re both good quality, but not really my thing, though admittedly I was interested in this box primarily for the candles!

The lip balm smells lovely and I’ve already been to LitBalms’ Etsy shop to order a couple more of their products (they’re having an Easter sale until April 4th!). I’ve not read the Summoner books, but the compact mirror is adorable and I keep one in my handbag (co-incidentally, the one I’m using now is from a previous Bookworm Candles box).

All in all, this box made me smile, which has to be a good thing. I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve purchased from Bookworm Candles and this is no exception. The box is fantastic value for money, especially considering how many candles you receive, the size they are, and the amount/quality of the other goods included. Great products, great customer service… what more could you ask?