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Unboxing: Wonder Crate

Unboxing: Wonder Crate

Company: Ink & Wonder

Theme: Light & Dark


An A5 Harry Potter themed print

Sew-on Lord of the Rings patch based on the Phial of Galadriel

Star Wars magnet featuring a Leia quote from The Last Jedi

Enamel ‘Lumos’ Harry Potter themed pin (glow in the dark!)

A vinyl sticking featuring a quote from The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas

An A4 print featuring a quote from George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings

A Harry Potter themed tote bag bearing a quote from The Prisoner of Azkaban

Four woodmarks with quotations from Emily Dickinson, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King and Bram Stoker respectively


I should start this off by stating that I am not a fan of Harry Potter. This said, the quotations used on the products within the Wonder Crate are some of the few I actually know and I’ll be using all of them in some way or another. The pin is absolutely beautiful (and glow in the dark!), I’m always in need of tote bags and love the design, and the print will most likely be used in a YA books display I’m planning for work. The A4 Game of Thrones will probably be part of the same display. 

The magnet is not in the main photo of the crate’s contents because it went straight on my fridge! So, here’s a photo of it on said fridge.

My favourite item in the crate has to be the LotR patch. I was/am a huge fan of the LotR musical that ran in Toronto and London several years ago (they keep promising to bring it back, but, so far, no sign!) and it immediately made me think of it.  The patch has a lovely colour scheme that includes my favourites, and I’ll be looking for a bag to sew it to.

I love Ink & Wonder’s woodmarks, my first experience of which was in FairyLoot boxes. I was delighted to see so many of them in the crate! I think the Emily Dickinson one is my favourite, though the Stephen King one is a close second.

The Maas sticker will be going on my laptop, once I get over the worry that I’ll immediately find something else I’d rather affix it to (this I why I have a stash of stickers I like to look at, but never stick to things). It’s not a quote that I think I’ve seen on any merchandise before and it was great to see a Throne of Glass themed item that didn’t have one of the more overused quotations on it.

I was very impressed with the quality of all of the items in the Wonder Crate. In some crates from various companies, I find that there are sometimes items that I’m unlikely to use or don’t get to see the light of day again after the initial unboxing, but I immediately knew where most of the items here would be going/what I’d be using them for. I generally only order crates/boxes from outside the UK once every couple of months because of shipping and potential import fees, and though I did have to pay import tax for the crate (which I knew was a possibility and was completely prepared to pay), it remained a reasonable price in total and certainly what I would be willing to pay for contents of such high quality. If there are to be more Wonder Crates in the future, sign me up.